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Walk With Jesus Commuity

Ready to Grow Your Faith?

With the Walk With Jesus Community, you'll get:
  • Three live zoom calls with with Dakota Lee per month,           (focusing on Heaven, Jesus, and spirituality)

  •  FIRST EVER access to read The Heaven Book, Dakota Lee's autobiography of her experiences in Heaven  
            (It hasn't even been officially published yet, so you'll get access to a version of the            book no one else will! This is only available to Founding Members)

  • Learn about angels, Jesus, what happens to our loved ones in Heaven and so much more.
               Sample topics: Pets in Heaven, spiritual warfare, how God speaks to us, what                 Heaven looks like, how to grow your spiritual gifts

  • Non-Judgmental community to support your spiritual growth 
             a place to share your Big Questions, and revelations from God


Just $33 per month

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